Iowa Public Universities Application Portal Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ for the Iowa Public Universities Application Portal.

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  1. Why was the Application Portal created?
  2. Who can use the Application Portal?
  3. Am I required to use the Application Portal if I am only applying to one of the Iowa Regent universities?
  4. If I use the Application Portal to apply for admission at more than one of the Iowa Regent universities, will I have to pay application fees to each of the universities?
  5. How is my application to the Iowa Regent universities processed once I answer the application questions through the Application Portal?
  6. What information should I have in hand before I begin my submission on the Application Portal?

    The Application Portal will ask you to fill out academic-related information used to determine your Regents Admission Index (RAI) score which is used for admission. Before you can complete the questions on the Application Portal you will need the following information:

    • Your high school cumulative GPA;
    • Your ACT and/or SAT test information: date(s) taken, composite scores, and subscores;
    • If your high school provides class rank, your place/rank in class and your class size; and
    • The list of courses you have taken and plan to take while in high school (including courses taken at a community college, college, or university while still in high school).
  7. Is the user ID and password for the Application Portal the same as the user ID or password for the Iowa Regent university applications?
  8. We have more than one student applying from our family. Can we use the same user ID and password to submit applications for more than one student?
  9. How do I enter information about college credit courses into the boxes for courses taken while in high school?
  10. The grid to enter mathematics doesn't have a 'pre-9' box for some of the higher-level math courses. What should I do if I took one or more of these courses prior to 9th grade?
  11. Once I have submitted the form through the Application Portal, can I change my answers (or change my term of entry) and resubmit via the portal?
  12. Who do I contact if I have questions about the Iowa Public Universities Application Portal?
  13. How do I send my information to another Iowa Regent university?